Monday, May 5

Bird a'botherers get twelve months

To the hovel-owner,

An advertisal announcement;-
Tukogbanifek Broadcasting Company,
in conjunction with CocK (Camera osbcura club of Kent)
are proud to announce

Details of this year's 'Countrydefiled' Photographic competition

A Calendar of CocK

Our competition is open to all Cock members. It is not open to professionals, nor may you enter images used in any other competitive event. (Please note individual a’Blogs will be counted as competitive events, as all oft' include imagery of the very same bird taken on the very same day.)

You may enter up to four images, which must have been obtained within the county of the Northern Marshes. Please engrave your name and address on the front of the image, details of where taken and send to Calendar of Cock, CocK House, CocK Row, Cockshot by the 28th of this very month.

The winning image, as chosen by the followers of Countrydefiled, will receive a year's worth of whine from fellow CocK members.

The alternate winning image, as chosen by the Watchmen Judges, will receive twelve months of .EXF examination from fellow CocK members.

Full terms and conditions can be made available, though we know from past experience no 'togger ever bothers with rules;- however we wish to point out there are several changes of rules this year for you to ignore:

~ The Ornithological Watchmen have decreed this year, unlike all previous, will be the first year that photographers, and those with a genuine interest in ornithology, will actually have to follow all laws and Codes of Conduct.

~ To help resist any temptation to recklessly disturb a subject, TBC and CocK have decided that within all images a fowle (or a flock of fowles) may take up no more than seventeen pixellated dots by fourteen pixellated dots.

~ Further, the background image is now required to show a panorama of at least two statute miles in length, so that the judging panel might be assured no nest was in the vicinity of the ‘togger at the time of image capture.

~ Finally, there must also be submitted a 'selfie' image of the ‘togger obtaining the ‘tograph, to ensure no additional chicanery were used, such as the 'nipper' phonographic warbling lure.

Finally, please remember we cannot return original entries as our tears of laughter will have stained their gloss finishes quite badly.

The best of Blighty'd luck to all entrants(!)

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