Saturday, July 16

To Weasel, on the UK 400 list

My dearest Weasel,

Thank you for bringing to my attention this most strange list as compiled by the Reverend Godfrey Leigh-Evans. To find out I am ranked 298th on his self-annointed '400 Most Holy Men of the Empire' came as quite a shock.

I can see that he has somehow ranked us all on our good works, but I fear I cannot agree with his totals. He has stated I saved a young lady of the Parish who had drifted from the path, but the time he claims I was seen leaving her lodgings is far too late for a respected man of the cloth to be about the parish. And he has missed off my Miracle of the Marsh, when I turned a young Redshank into an example of the New World Yellowshank. He has also not mentioned my many exciting additions to the bird room at the Booth Museum, which I am sure will aid young ornithologists for decades to come.

I think Leigh-Evans has gone a step too far. Certainly missives on PriestForum, the round robin publication, show many others wish their entries amended. He must fall foul of the DPA (Defamation of Priests Act).

And if I were competing on this list, which of course I am not, why does he include the departed? Cuthbert, at number two? What chance does even the most pious of us have of catching him? (And Leigh-Evans at number one- oh the sanctimony!)